March 23, 2011

Walking in the Rain

It's raining outside...the rain hitting me on my head helps to clear my thoughts...

I want to go outside... in the rain
It may sound crazy
But I want to go outside... in the rain
                                   -The Dramatics

March 19, 2011

Moon at the Window

Look up into the sky tonight for the full moon, which coincides with  perigee, the point at which the moon is closest in its orbit to Earth coined "Supermoon".  The last time the moon was this close to the Earth was 18 years ago, March 1993 to be exact.  The moon will be bigger and brighter than usual.  Great night to take a moonlit stroll in the city.

 I wish her heart
I know these battles
Deep in the dark
When the spooks of memories rattle
Ghosts of the future
Phantoms of the past
Rattle, rattle, rattle
In the spoon and the glass

Is it possible to learn
How to care and yet not care--
Since love has two faces
Hope and despair
And pleasure always turns to fear
I find
                                   -Joni Mitchell

March 6, 2011

Celestial Bodies

After the sun sets into the skyline tonight, watch for the waxing crescent moon and the planet Jupiter.  These two celestial bodies in the sky will be gleaming brightly with the moon smiling down at the world signifying that spring is on its way!  The hibernation period is over!  Time to wake up and switch modes from this hard hitting winter we've had here in NYC.

                            Suenos del Universo by Infinite Style on